May 22, 2021 – Photo

In between rain showers yesterday, I managed to snap a few pictures of some of the flowers in our garden. Of all the ones I took, this is my favorite. The name of this flower is Lavandula stoechas aka French Lavender, Spanish Lavender or Butterfly Lavender. It is often used for essential oils or potpourris. MyContinue reading “May 22, 2021 – Photo”

May 12, 2021 – Photo

There is nothing that remotely compares to being a parent. On one hand, it can be challenging, exasperating, painful, exhausting, heartbreaking, and disappointing. On the other hand, it can be incredibly rewarding. I haven’t accomplished much in my life to speak of, aside from my role as a mother; however, I wouldn’t change it forContinue reading “May 12, 2021 – Photo”