June 13, 2021 – Photo

As I was eating dinner the other day, I looked out towards the backyard and spotted the most beautiful blooms on our Elephant Garlic plants. I grabbed my camera, went outside, took several photos, and then continued to meander through the yard. When I reached the shed, I noticed all of the delicious berries on our Yellow Raspberry Bush that were ripe for the picking. Yes, of course, I grabbed a handful and gobbled them down (after I blew on them to ensure I didn’t also consume a gnat or fly or aphid or whatever type of insect or bug likes to hang around berry bushes). That’s another thing I look forward to during this time of the year, not only is the yard plentiful with birds and blooms, it is also plentiful with berries. Yum!

June 12, 2021 – No longer ‘on the fence’.

Well, there’s nothing like the concept of ‘moving’ to light a fire under my butt. I actually managed to ‘tick one of the boxes’ on my list today and finally got around to staining our cedar gate and fence. And that isn’t all. The one job that I have resisted tackling because it’s so vast, finishing our master bedroom, I managed to make a dent in it, too. My husband has also successfully completed several projects that he has put off for years. One of the realtors who stopped by to determine our home’s value suggested that we paint our fence (something we’ve intended to do ever since we painted our house four years ago) and remove some odd looking, warped wood fence panels that one of the previous homeowners had put in front of a cinder block wall (under our carport). I’m not sure who decided putting those warped wood fence panels in front of the wall was a good idea, but I have a suspicion it’s the same person who decided that dark brown with bright yellow trim was, of all the colors to paint a house, the most suitable at the time.

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June 11, 2021 – Photo

Looking at this photo makes my heart hurt. I took it the day before I left on vacation and it was the first time the Mama duck left the nest with her babies. They were so adorable and she looked so proud! When we returned a couple of days ago, I discovered that none of the babies had survived. The same thing happened last year. Their chances of sticking around long enough to become adults are so slim around here, mostly due to all of the people that walk their dogs along the canal (off leash). The poor baby ducklings don’t have a fighting chance. So sad!

June 10, 2021 – Marital Discord

Sigh. I think jumping onto this ‘moving’ train may not have been a good idea. It seems like we’ve been at each other’s throats ever since we both got on board. Whenever I get revved up about anything, he seems to put on the brakes, and vice versa. The only thing we’ve been in agreement over is that in order to move forward, the first step will require having a realtor come over and provide us with a CMA (comparative market analysis). For two amateurs (me and my husband) to try and determine what our home is worth (in real value, not sentimental value) and come up with an actual dollar amount seems a bit foolish so we thought having a professional do it would be wise. Even wiser? We’re actually having three different realtors from three different agencies come out and provide us with a CMA. When I worked in a purchasing office, the standard practice was obtaining three quotes for goods or services and I think it’s wise to apply that practice to real estate as well.

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June 9, 2021 – Photo

While strolling through the Botanic Gardens during our recent trip, I noticed between 5-6 ducklings swimming in a shallow pool/water feature. In this particular shot, I was able to capture two of them at once. The ‘feel’ of this image is very serene to me. I love so much about it, especially the reflection of the yellow flowers on the water.

June 8, 2021 – Devil’s Advocate

I’m beginning to get the impression that people think I’m ‘all talk, no action’. As many times as my husband has ‘checked in’ to see whether I’m still on board to move, it’s hard to feel otherwise. And it’s not just my husband, it’s our kids. They want to know why suddenly I’ve had a change of heart and whether I might regret my decision. I have been asked so many different questions about my intentions or desires or expectations. “You need to understand that it’s not going to be anything like when we come out for vacation,” my husband keeps reminding me. “I know, I know,” I answer each time, “But even if we’re only able to connect with friends and family every now and then, it’s better than our current options.” Our current options? I have essentially one really good friend that lives about 30 minutes away and my husband has none. No friends. Not a single one. Ok, that’s not entirely true…he has me and the dog. Even though he says that’s all he needs, I disagree. At the very least, he needs a ‘fishing buddy’.

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June 7, 2021 – Photo

I really love this photo, especially the way the light illuminates the white edges of the butterfly’s wings. By the way, this is the last butterfly image I’m going to post (this week). I was going to say ‘ever’ (because I sense you must be getting tired of them by now) but I know that if I come across another one and capture a really great close-up, I won’t be able to resist. The hardest thing is actually getting an image when they’re still because it seems like the minute I get close enough, they get spooked and fly away. Butterflies are so wondrous to me. They are like one of nature’s miracles.

June 6, 2021 – A Dose of Reality

I am 99% sure that I want to move and my husband is 79% sure. And the reality is that we’ve got our work cut out for us if we want to make it happen. It’s going to take everything we’ve got and then some (energy, resources, money). Today was a real eye-opener because we made a point to drive around and look at the current properties on the market and it wasn’t promising. The type of home we are interested in isn’t anything ‘special’ necessarily. I want something with ‘good bones’ (that won’t require a complete overhaul) in a decent neighborhood (on a lot larger than a postage stamp), for under $400,000. I would also like it to have a fenced yard (for our dog). My husband would like that as well; however, he’d also like the home to have a three-car garage or similarly, a two-car garage and a shop. I don’t think these are unreasonable wants or desires but with the housing market as it is at present, you’d think we have ‘Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget’.

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June 5, 2021 – Photo

When I went to visit my girlfriend a couple of weeks ago, while walking along a trail nearby, we came across this lovely patch of purple irises. The color is so vibrant, it’s difficult not to stop and take notice. Named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, irises bring color to the garden in spring and summer. We have a small patch of white ones in our backyard but they rarely bloom. If one happens to, as soon as the flower blooms, the stem bends and makes it appear as though the flower got overwhelmed and fainted. I have no idea why this occurs but it’s certainly puzzling!

June 4, 2021 – A Complete 180

I think I’ve blown my husband’s mind. Scratch that. I know I’ve blown my husband’s mind. While out on a walk yesterday, we went past a house with a ‘for sale’ sign out in the front yard and I made a point to stop and collect one of the flyers that lists all of the information about the home (price, square footage, number of rooms, lot size, etc.). I was curious as to what houses are selling for in the area and was shocked when I discovered that there’s a very real possibility that if we sell our current home, we might actually be able to buy something outright with cash (here). The irony is, I swore I would never come back, NOT EVER. And yet, having this newfound knowledge is extremely motivating. I didn’t think I would ever reach a point where I’d own a house free and clear, but now that I am aware of this, I have done a complete 180. Think about it. If you could live without a house payment, wouldn’t you reconsider? Imagine all the money you’d have for ‘other things’. Oh my goodness, I can think of all kinds of ways I could ‘spend’ or ‘save’ that extra money in my pocket!

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